More than 200 years ago, the framers of our Constitution recognized the importance of bankruptcy law to our nation’s economy, and granted exclusive jurisdiction over bankruptcy cases to our country’s federal courts. Today, the twin bankruptcy goals of affording debtors a financial fresh start and maximizing creditors’ financial recovery are as important as ever.

Our firm is recognized among practitioners as the “go to” firm for representation of both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy cases in West-Central Pennsylvania. Our experience in debtor side cases ranges from helping struggling businesses get “back in the black” to helping individuals save their family homes. We have been and continue to be actively involved in some of the largest bankruptcy cases ever filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania.

We have also helped creditors navigate through the complicated, often confusing bankruptcy world, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the creditor’s recovery. Our experience on the creditor side of bankruptcy includes substantial experience in representing Chapter 7 trustees, who act as the legal representative of unsecured creditors in liquidations.

Bankruptcy is a complicated process, and whether you are a debtor or a creditor, the stakes are simply too high not to hire experienced legal counsel.

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